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Brewing Process

The picture on the right shows the layout of the brewery

The required amount of malt is weighed out and placed in the hopper in the loft

First, the water is tested for calcium content and adjusted to our requirements by the addition of dilute acid and gypsum based dry treatment. Referred to as liquor. It is then heated in the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) to between 60 and 70 degrees

Once the water is at the correct it is mixed with the malt from the hopper in the Mash Tun (MT)

This is then left for about an hour for the starch to convert into fermentable sugars

This sugary liquid (Wort) is then ‘run off’ into the Kettle over a period of time, strained through the malt husks, supported by the false bottom of the mash tun. A small amount of extra Hot Liquor is gently sprayed(sparging) onto the grains to rinse out the last of the sugars without disturbing the filter bed.

brewery layout
Brewing Vessels
Hops are added at the start of the boil for flavouring the beer and the wort is boiled vigourously for 1 to 1˝ hours. This not only kills any contaminants, but also extracts flavours and bitterness from the hops. More hops are added towards the end of the boil to give additional aroma and flavour to the beer.

When the wort has been boiled for the right amount of time it needs to be cooled before it can go in the fermentating vessels. This is done through the heat exchanger with the cold water used to chill the wort going back to the HLT

The hopped wort is cooled and run into fermentation vessels(FV). Pure, natural yeast is added (or 'pitched'), and it begins to vigorously convert the natural sugars into alcohol, carbon dioxide and a range of subtle flavours. Fermentation can take anything from a few days to several weeks depending on the style of beer.

Once the correct amount of sugars have been converted to alcohol, the wort is chilled. This arrests the fermentation.

Fermentation Vessels
Brewing Vessels
The beer is transfered to the Conditioning Tank (CT)

When required the beer is transfered to barrels and stored in the area under the brewing vessels

kept at celler temperature for a time to allow conditioning before shipping to the customer

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